Articles that provide advice from domain experts on device management, edge devices, OTA software updates and security. These articles are written based on interview with selected domain experts from any different sectors, some are technology vendors and some are enterprise users of device management technology. The articles are designed to create a knowledge base of real expertise on device management, edge devices, OTA software updates and IoT cybersecurity. These are practical, how to style articles designed to help inform an organisation's IoT device management strategy of which there are many considerations including device fleet management, scaling, automation, IoT cybersecurity and the very software and hardware that will run the server and the devices. Should an organisation select a proprietary platform or go for an open source option? This is just one of the critical questions that IoT leaders face when planning for a project within their organisation. There are other questions too to answer, such as the quality and capability of the embedded hardware that is selected for the project. What is used for the proof of concept at the beginning of the project can be very different to what is suitable for production and use in the field. The OTA software updating capability is also a critical piece and should be integrated end to end with the corporate PKI infrastructure and the security on the hardware that is being used in the project itself. This is because the threats in IoT security are increasing and moving from IT into the operational technology (OT) world. Enterprise IoT project teams need to be prepared for this growing challenge.