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Body movement and motion measured with assistance from IoT and OTA software updates

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Editorial board Editors

  • Eystein Måløy Stenberg

  • Thomas Ryd

  • Farshad Tavakoli

  • Karolina Beta

  • Valeria Ceselli

  • Stephen Cawley

  • Trond Hermansen

  • Tom Wilke

  • Eystein Måløy Stenberg
  • Thomas Ryd
  • Farshad Tavakoli
  • Karolina Beta
  • Valeria Ceselli
  • Stephen Cawley
  • Trond Hermansen
  • Tom Wilke

Eystein Måløy Stenberg

CTO, and

Eystein is the CTO at and is responsible for the product management, our IoT device management product strategy and our over-the-air software update solution He is also an expert in hardware security and software cryptography.

Thomas Ryd


Thomas is a highly experienced executive and entrepreneur who has built world class companies in server management, systems management and latterly IoT device management. 

Farshad Tavakoli

Head of Technical Product Marketing,

Farshad is a technology professional with experience in startups and large companies working to bring emerging and disruptive technologies and products to market.

Karolina Beta

Digital Marketing Manager,

Karolina is a digital marketing blackbelt with a keen eye for performance marketing data and measurement. 

Valeria Ceselli

Social Media Manager,

Social media manager

Valeria is a great digital storyteller and social media expert. As community manager, she engages with the embedded engineers and IoT architects that exchange their knowledge on the Mender Hub community.  

Stephen Cawley

Head of Enterprise Marketing

Stephen is a technology writer and segment marketer, and a former PPAI Magazine Editor of the Year. 

Trond Hermansen

Head of Channel Partnerships

Trond has a knowledge of the IoT ecosystem that is hard to match. He works on a daily basis with over 20 of the world’s top IoT hardware, IoT software and full turnkey solution providers

Tom Wilke

Commercial Director, DACH

Tom is a business development executive with an empathy and interest in the IoT market and enterprise needs that really stands out. He really cares about his customers.